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Jim McKenzie
“College Bound helped me to reach my maximum potential in the SAT's. Their innovative approaches and strategies of taking the test not only allowed me to increase over 150 points on the test, but also improved my abilities as a student. Within a friendly, warm atmosphere, the SAT tutors brought out the best in my reading and mathematical capabilities. I strongly recommend College Bound to any student wishing to enrich him or herself for both the SAT test and any other scholastic endeavors that they may encounter.”
Corey Evans
Gamet Valley High School

“College Bound not only helped me raise my total SAT score, but they helped improve all of my school subjects as well. Also, College bound guided our family throughout the entire complex college selection process. I am grateful that I was able to utilize their services and benefit from their experience, dedication, and motivation. Thank you.”
Alex Duffy
Springfield High School

“Throughout high school I always had a very hectic schedule. After exploring different test preparation options I found that College Bound's system was best suited for my needs. Their flexible scheduling and 7 days a week philosophy allowed me to fit the tutoring into my schedule without wasting my time or money. I am happy to say that College Bound's SAT prep. helped to significantly raise my SAT score and help me get into all of my college choices. Thanks College Bound.”
Bob Slota
Devon Prep

“College bound taught me to recognize different kinds of problems the way you'd recognize the pieces of a puzzle. Their one-on-one approach was able to key in on specific areas of my testing strategy. The bottom line is that they raised my score to 1400 and they helped me gain acceptance to two of my dream colleges: Notre Dame and NYU. Thank you College Bound.”
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